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How a risk is scored in Primavera P6 EPPM

The score is used to give an overall rating of a risk depending on the probability and impact thresholds assessed in the project. The scores are used to help determine if the risk should be addressed during the course of the project, or if the risk does not present a significant impact to the cost or schedule of the project.

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Error: Excel Import/Export features require Microsoft Access Database Engine

 When exporting/importing to Excel in 64 bit client an error is received " Excel Import/Export features require Microsoft Access Database Engine, Please contact administrator."

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Risk Analysis Overview

What Is Risk?

Uncertainty about a situation can often indicate risk, which is the possibility of loss, damage, or any other undesirable event. Most people desire low risk, which would translate to a high probability of success, profit, or some form of gain. Risk is the possibility of loss, damage, or any other undesirable event. For example, if sales for next month are above a certain amount (a desirable event), then orders will reduce the inventory, and there will be a delay in shipping orders (an undesirable event). If a shipping delay means losing orders, then that possibility presents a risk. Thus, there are two points to keep in mind when analyzing risk: Where is the risk and how significant is the risk.

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How to Print a Report to PDF Format in Primavera P6?

To print your Reports to PDF file format in Primavera P6 please follow the steps below:

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POBS Eraser Tool Removes POBS Section from XER Files in Primavera P6

The POBS eraser tool reads XER files, removes the POBS section and then generates new XER files to a folder specified by user.

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A utility to import/export P6 data

Import P6 data including WBS, activity codes, resources, unit prices etc. from Excel spreadsheets easily with our utility: PRMTransfer.

A replacement for the old Primavera SDK based import

As Primavera SDK is not supported with recent Primavera P6 releases this utility may replace SDK based Excel sheets we used to utilize. PRMTransfer facilitates Primavera API for bi-directional data exchange.

Click here to download it!


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